Meet Me @ The Clinic

A web series written, directed and featuring me.  The show follows two young women who become unlikely friends when they volunteer together at a Women's Health Clinic!  We worked with a cast and crew that was 60% women and 50% women of color. To learn more about the project, check out our website

Encompass Video

As an intern at Encompass at the Western Justice Center, I produced a series of videos that break down social justice terminology into simple, visual metaphors.  These are my two favorites, but if you want to see more head over to the WJC's website

Definitions of the terms "race," "ethnicity" and "nationality" as explained by Jellybeans.
A film by Eliana Pipes Produced in conjunction with Encompass at the Western Justice Center


Two short films I wrote that were produced in conjunction with students from the USC School of Cinematic Arts! 

Written by Eliana Pipes, directed by Sarah Lew - join Doctor Mann as he explains his cutting edge research being conducted at Chic Laboratories.

Written by Eliana Pipes, directed by Tayo Amos - a young woman enters a self-defense class in the hopes of getting herself out of an abusive relationship. 

CU Sketch Show 

At Columbia, I'm a long-term and loving member of CUSS, the Columbia University (No Budget) Sketch Show.  Every week we produce filmed sketch comedy, and it's been hands-down my favorite community on this campus.  To see more from CUSS check out their YouTube page and go like their Facebook page.  Here are some of the sketches I worked on.