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Full Length



Winner: Leah Ryan Fund Prize for Emerging Women Writers, 2019
Production: Ars Nova ANT Fest, NYC 2019
Workshop: San Diego REP Latinx New Plays Festival, San Diego CA, 2019
Reading: Crossing Borders Festival, Two River Theater, Red Bank NJ 2019
Finalist: O’Neill Playwright’s Conference, 2019
Developmental Workshop: Checkmark Theatre Company, NYC 2018

(Full Length: 3W) DREAM HOU$E follows two Latinx sisters on an HGTV-style show who are selling their family home, hoping to capitalize on the gentrification in their “changing neighborhood.”  As they perform for the camera the show starts to slip into the surreal: one sister grapples with turmoil in the family’s ancestral past and the other learns how much she’s willing to sacrifice for the family’s future. What’s the cultural cost of progress in America — and is cashing in always selling out?   

 Stand and Wait

Winner: Dr. Floyd Gaffney National Playwriting Competition, 2018
Finalist: Bay Area Playwright’s Festival, 2019
Finalist: Blue Ink Award, American Blues Theatre Chicago, 2019
Semifinalist: Primary Stages Premiere Play Festival, 2019
Semifinalist: Eugene O'Neill National Playwright's Conference, 2018
Staged Reading: The Fire This Time Festival, 2018

(Full Length: 2M, 3W) In three acts that descend from broad comedy into an antebellum dreamscape, “Stand and Wait” follows a seasoned black actress named Carla who bonds with a naïve white actress in an audition waiting room, only to be handed a script that casts the new friends as Slave and Mistress. After a flurry of satirical twists and turns, they book the job - but on the day of the show Carla learns the set was a real plantation site, and starts to see ghosts. 

The Cowboy and the Moon

Workshop: NNPN/Kennedy Center MFA Workshop, 2019

(2M, 2W) The Cowboy and the Moon uses surreal spectacle to explore the way a modern-day alcoholic Father sees himself within his addiction: as a wandering Cowboy in the Wild West.  But outside of the Father’s drunken fantasy, the real world churns on for his wife and daughter.  The women must negotiate between playing along with his Prairie world and grappling with the impact of his drinking on their day-to-day lives. Cowboy rewrites the ubiquitous trope of the Alcoholic Patriarch in the Western Theater Canon.  

10-Minutes and One Acts

Stiletto Envy

Finalist: Heideman Award at Actor's Theater Louisville, 2018
Production: Samuel French Off-Off Broadway Festival, 2017
Production: Boston Theater Marathon, 2019
Production: The Fire This Time Festival selection, 2017
Production: Theater Development Fund's Performeteria, 2017

(10 min, 1M, 1F)  Melanie and Shaun are old friends, but when a secret meeting takes an unexpected turn, she’s forced to reconcile the fact that her upbringing might be at odds with her heart. 

“Stiletto Envy” by powerhouse Eliana Pipes, explores sexuality and its branches in a humorous, yet realistic way. We couldn’t help but root for these characters, until at the end, we had to see their resolution. The fact that the audience could easily see both perspectives and equally stand behind them speaks of Pipes’s talent as a writer."

- Manhattan With a Twist


Production: Samuel French Off-Off Broadway Festival, 2019

(1M, 1W)  Julius has a very close relationship with Cee - she’s bubbly, she’s captivating, and she’s also his cellphone.  When Julius decides to go off the grid for good, Cee fights for her life in a spirited tug of war that illuminates the complex and sometimes painful role that technology plays in our lives.   

2012 ACTF_logo_BLUE.jpg

Isadora del Sol

National Winner: KCACTF John Cauble Short Play Award, 2018
Staged Reading: Lewis-Clark State University, 2018 

(One Act: 1M, 4W) When she finds out she’s been accepted to every college she applied to, Isadora must decide whether she will attend a community college that her family can afford, or the private university where she can’t receive financial aid because of her immigration status.


A Brief History of the United States

Commission: YoungArts Awareness Day, 2016
Production: Kennedy Center Millenium Stage, 2016

(Full Length: 3M, 2F) A retrospective of American History through the lens of the arts told by a musician, a vocalist, a dancer, a visual artist, and an actor. 

View the full performance here!


To Serve Butter

Production: One Act Festival, EST LA, 2016
Staged Reading: Winterfest, EST LA, 2015

(One-Act: 1M, 2W) Stand and Wait follows a seasoned black actress and a naïve white actress who make friends in an audition waiting room, only to be handed a script that casts them as master and slave.

Eliana Pipes’ “To Serve Butter” was easily the most crowd-pleasing piece, a funny study of two actresses on an audition that caters to America’s worst racially skewed instincts.

- Los Angeles Times

Snow Gray  

Winner: Young Playwright's Inc. Competition, 2015
Production: Cherry Lane Theater, New York NY, 2015

(One-Act: 10M, 6F)  A mixed-race woman in the waiting room of a job interview finds her confidence stunted when racial stereotypes appear and try to convince her not to take the job. 

From Another House

Winner: Seymour Brick Memorial Prize, 2016
Winner: California Playwright’s Project Competition, 2014
Production: Old Globe Theater, San Diego, 2014

(One-Act, 2M, 3F)  A young woman’s first meeting with the father she’d never met and his family forces them all to confront secrets new and old as they discover that what you don’t know really can hurt you. 

"Eliana Pipes’ “From Another House” builds a vivid sense of intricate family dynamics, as a series of startling revelations manage to transform the characters’ relationships before our eyes. The piece ripples with crisp and sophisticated dialogue."  

- San Diego Union Tribune

Mom, Put Your Flask Away

Winner: The Blank Theater's Young Playwright's Festival, 2013
Production: Stella Adler Theater, Hollywood CA, 2013

(One-Act: 1M, 3F) When Leslie and Dan take her raucous  mother Rhonda on a trip - little does Rhonda know they're headed to an old folk's home, and planning to check her in.